Nothing But a Hip-Hinge!

A post shared by Nicole Delegas (@muscle_mind_movement) on Dec 13, 2016 at 1:44pm PST Nothing but a hip-hinge! Here are a few of many hip-hinge variations: 1. Single-Leg Hip Lift         2. Single-Leg Deadlift         3. Trap Bar Deadlift         4. Kettlebell Swing      … READ MORE


(Re)Conditioning Glenohumeral Stability

360* (Re)Conditioning Glenohumeral Stability When (re)conditioning the shoulder, if dynamic stability is too stressful, here are a few considerations to get started with. 1- 360* stabilization. Using a light band with just enough force to create an isometric contraction, walk in a circle with the epicenter being a contracted fist around an object. Here we… READ MORE


Training While On The Road

Training While On The Road # "It's not about perfect. It's about just doing something." # I've been traveling for 10 days and my "training" has been scarce, at least if you think about it in the traditional sense. 5×5 Deadlift and Bench have been traded in almost completely for active mobility drills and bodyweight… READ MORE


Sled March & Hang Clean

A post shared by Nicole Delegas (@muscle_mind_movement) on Jan 18, 2017 at 2:18pm PST Borrowed coach @nikaouellette for today’s demonstrations!   Sled Push Benefits:    🔹Increases speed acceleration    🔹Teaches athletes how to generate horizontal force    🔹One of the best tools available for speed development    🔹”Athletes incorporate the joint dynamics of sprinting through hip hyperextension against resistance”… READ MORE


You Can’t Cheat Gravity

A post shared by Nicole Delegas (@muscle_mind_movement) on Jan 11, 2017 at 2:13pm PST You can’t cheat gravity.     🔹When an object is dropped – it’s path is vertical and perpendicular to the earth.     🔹The same rule applies with mostly all lifts.     🔹Any horizontal movement forward or backwards lengthens the… READ MORE


Quadruped Rotary Stability

Awesome day coaching a CFSC Level 1 event here in Dublin at Elite Fitness and Performance Academy. Here is a great example of connecting the dots from a motor control drill to a fitness move. On the top you can see the athlete working on a classic quadruped rotary stability drill. He's working hard to… READ MORE


Deskbound? Take Your Daily Dose of Movement

A post shared by Nicole Delegas (@muscle_mind_movement) on Jan 18, 2017 at 2:18pm PST Daily dose of movement therapy for my desk bound friends. Chin Packing:    🔹Tuck your chin in toward your sternum    🔹Think double chin and not sexy! T-Spine Rotations:    🔹Knees out – sit your butt down to your heels    🔹Forearm flat on one… READ MORE



LOVE YOUR FEET!! Lately I've seen an increase of clients coming into the clinic with stuck big toes and “sleepy feet.” Using this Toe Sitting/Walking progression following manual work has been really helpful for my clients to regain foot function. Prior to using Toe Walking I often use Functional Range Release I learned from @DrAndreoSpina.… READ MORE


Lateral Crawl Push-Up Combo

Lateral Crawl Push-Up Combo I love push-ups and lately I’ve really enjoyed programming this lateral crawl push-up combo for my clients. This progression has worked its way into my client’s programs for a few reasons. 1). Core Stability – The addition of the lateral crawl brings a core stability challenge to an already awesome core… READ MORE


Hip ROM and Splits Practice

Hip ROM and Splits Practice We’ve been receiving lots of requests for splits practice drills lately. We thought it was the perfect opportunity to introduce @scottyg003 Scotty has been interning with us @movementasmedicine and will be added to Genbook and begin taking clients for massage and movement therapy in December. As you can see, Scotty… READ MORE


Patellar Tendon Remodeling

Patellar Tendon Remodeling A crucial step many coaches and therapists miss when rehabilitating an athlete with Patellar Tendonitis is focused remodeling of the damaged connective tissue. Although the symptom at the patellar is often a result of a global dysfunction or aberrant movement at an accompanying joint it is important to also address the site… READ MORE


Variable Loading Strategies

Variable Loading Strategies The squat is a fundamental pattern that I want all my clients to be competent in. There are a bunch of ways to load the squat and I encourage you to try them all. Not for means of “enterTRAINment” but because movement variability stimulates neuromuscular plasticity and can prepare your clients for… READ MORE