MAM Podcast S01EP17: Special Guest Dr. Josh Funk of Rehab2Perform



Show Notes

  • Introduction
  • Intellectual capital – Financial capital – Social capital 
  • Side hustle incubators 
  • Fail to learn 
  • The aggregation of marginal gains
  • Creating intentional culture 
  • Never lose a customer again 
  • Solid service delivered by good humans 
  • Goldman Sach  10,000 Small Business Program
  • Base operating systems
  • Continually chasing best practice or the perfect program – like an Apple or Tesla update
  • Hiring? An internship program is a must – try before you buy! For both parties. 
  • Where is your seat on the bus? It doesn’t always need to be the driver’s seat, and sometimes you need to be at the bus stop!

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