Training Essentials For Distance Runners

            Distance running traditionalists have long resisted the idea that strength training can be beneficial to improving running performance. Fears that lifting weights will make runners” bulky” or “stiff” leading to decrements in performance or increased injury risk have never been substantiated. Meanwhile, recreational runners are injured at a rate of 50% per year and with nearly 70% re-injury… READ MORE

Stop worrying, and start living.

I love a good myth-busting sesh, and wanted to bring that here today because it’s been awhile! You know what I’m talking about. The classic, “joints are wearing out”, it’s the “worst x-ray the doc has ever seen”, and “stretch more to prevent injury”. We hear this kind of stuff from our clients all the… READ MORE

MAM Podcast S01EP20: Kevin does another solo cast answering listener questions

Listen Chin-Ups, Social Media, Fat Loss and Radiologists | Watch Show Notes Two Movement As Medicine Articles on Training The Pull-Up: Social Media: The Psychology of Online Political Hostility Bor and Peterson Physical Activity and Energy Balance –  The Hungry Brain –  What Can We Learn From Radiologists About… READ MORE

MAM Podcast S01EP19: Eric Chessen from Autism Fitness

Listen Eric Chessen from Autism Fitness | Watch Show Notes About Eric Your program on paper needs to apply to the person/population standing in front of you Build rapport and set expectations first Always give choices – which one do YOU want to do? Have to – sucks. The PAC Profile: Physical, Adaptive, Cognitive… READ MORE

MAM Podcast S01EP18: Kevin Does A Solo Cast

Listen Kevin Does A Solo Cast | Watch Show Notes Kevin’s coaching journey – mistakes and successes  Golds gym experience Meeting with Clark Evans  Internship at MBSC Surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to do  The Genius in All of Us by Daniel Shenk Potential = genetics x environment  Finding… READ MORE

You can’t prevent injuries (guest post from Megan Pomarensky)

You can’t prevent injuries. We can hype movement screens and “correct movement dysfunctions” until the cows come home. But let’s get something straight. Accidents will happen. Injuries are inevitable. Unless your clients never do new or hard things, and stay far away from other people, vehicles, and objects, the odds are pretty good that one… READ MORE

MAM Podcast S01EP17: Special Guest Dr. Josh Funk of Rehab2Perform

Listen Special Guest Dr. Josh Funk of Rehab 2 Perform | Watch Show Notes Introduction Intellectual capital – Financial capital – Social capital  Side hustle incubators  Fail to learn  The aggregation of marginal gains Creating intentional culture  Never lose a customer again  Solid service delivered by good humans  Goldman Sach  10,000 Small Business Program… READ MORE