You can’t prevent injuries (guest post from Megan Pomarensky)

You can’t prevent injuries. We can hype movement screens and “correct movement dysfunctions” until the cows come home. But let’s get something straight. Accidents will happen. Injuries are inevitable. Unless your clients never do new or hard things, and stay far away from other people, vehicles, and objects, the odds are pretty good that one… READ MORE

MAM Podcast S01EP17: Special Guest Dr. Josh Funk of Rehab2Perform

Listen Special Guest Dr. Josh Funk of Rehab 2 Perform | Watch Show Notes Introduction Intellectual capital – Financial capital – Social capital  Side hustle incubators  Fail to learn  The aggregation of marginal gains Creating intentional culture  Never lose a customer again  Solid service delivered by good humans  Goldman Sach  10,000 Small Business Program… READ MORE

MAM Podcast S01EP15: Adult Programming for 1:1, small and large groups

Listen Adult programming for 1:1, small and large groups | Watch Show Notes Show Notes: Programming for Adult Groups  Different price points = different expectations and options for individualization A system of regressions and progressions ensures no one is held back, no one is left behind and everyone is safe and successful The rule… READ MORE

MAM Podcast S01E09 What should I charge?

Listen How much should I charge? | Watch Show Notes Mike Perry Colon Cancer Fundraising  Be the Match The Boilermaker Story “You’re paying for the years, not for the minutes”  Your price is dictated by… Your Demand Experience Quality and Value Of Services  Your Costs/Expenses Location/Market The customer is effectively renting out your equipment,… READ MORE

Earning Trust

This is a Guest Article written by Megan Pomarensky… Remember a month ago, when I said “non-compliance” is not a thing? I’m still 100% shouting that from the rooftops (well in the clinic and gyms, at least). Because it’s true. And important. So I want to go deeper, and really get into how we can build… READ MORE