MAM Podcast S01EP19: Eric Chessen from Autism Fitness



Show Notes

  • About Eric
  • Your program on paper needs to apply to the person/population standing in front of you
  • Build rapport and set expectations first
  • Always give choices – which one do YOU want to do? Have to – sucks.
  • The PAC Profile: Physical, Adaptive, Cognitive
  • Where do coaches struggle the most when working with people with neurodevelopmental disorders – Answer? OVERCOACHING
  • Label, Demonstrate, Do and Cue
  • Access and advocates 
  • Milestones to work towards – motor control through a full range of motion especially in the eccentric, baseline strength, being comfortable in the environment, and language development around needs
  • Behavior Specific Praise – don’t just say good job or you’re awesome…. be specific with your praise! 
  • Have a hierarchy of priorities for meeting people where they’re at
  • How did you come up with your Autism Fitness Certification?

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