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To train, or not?

We’ve all had it happen. Goals in sight. A solid training plan laid out, ready for that client to rock. Progressions, regressions, lateralizations all lined up on deck. Then…the dreaded words come out of their mouth. “I tweaked my back”. “I pulled something”. “The old joints are aching today”. Shit. There goes that plan. …or… READ MORE

​​The art of accountability.

This is a Guest Article written by Megan Pomarensky… The art of accountability. Non-compliance is not a thing. Let’s get this straight. If a client isn’t following through on a program, it’s your fault. Not the client’s fault. Your fault. Let’s back up here, and I’ll explain why. Behavior Change. That’s really what we’re doing with… READ MORE

5 things Therapists can learn from Coaches

This is a Guest Article written by Megan Pomarensky… Therapists have a lot to learn from coaches. The disconnect between therapy and training is HUGE. Strength coaches are in a unique position. Clients often actively seeking them out, to push them closer to their goals, wanting to try new things, and to do all the… READ MORE

Stick Deadbug Anti-Extension

I was originally shown this exercise by my friend @diamondphysiquesj during the @stickmobility Level 1 Course and have been have been using it consistently ever since then.⠀⠀I find this to be hugely valuable drill to begin teaching clients how to maintain a connection between their rib cage and pelvis during hip extension. By starting in the supine position the… READ MORE

Toe Touch Squat

Need to warm up your hips before squatting?⠀⠀The Toe Touch Squat should be your go-to pre-squat warm up drill. I also l like using this drill to re-teach proper squat form to clients who have trouble sitting back into their hips.⠀⠀Here are some of the reasons I love this drill:⠀⠀– The forward flexion component allows… READ MORE

Coaching and Progressing The Inverted Row

Coaching and Progressing The Inverted Row The inverted row is one of the most programmed exercises in our training toolbox. This upper body pulling variation is so accessible to a wide range of clientele because it can be progressed and regressed very easily and doesn’t demand great amounts of mobility or motor control to begin… READ MORE

Segmental Wall Curl

Can you roll and unroll?⠀⠀You should. Unfortunately, I find a lot of people who come to us suffering from chronic low back stiffness cannot.⠀⠀In a perfect world, each individual segment of our spine should be able to move and cumulatively they should give us full expression of flexion and extension. However due to injury or… READ MORE

Everything About Dumbbell Rows

I’m a huge fanboy of 3-Point Dumbbell Rows. Probably because I’m good at them but also because I’m not sure there is a better tool in the weight room to build strong and healthy shoulders.⠀⠀The problem is when you walk into most gyms you see this exercise getting absolutely butchered by gymgoers who look like… READ MORE

Bear Position Plank with Wall Assistance

The Bear Plank has replaced the traditional Front Plank and become my go-to, beginner anti-extension exercise. While front planks are great it can often be difficult to get new clients to effectively manage the position of their pelvis with their hips extended.⠀⠀By flexing the hips into a quadruped position it shortens the lever on the… READ MORE

Everything About Overhead Pressing

The overhead press is personally my favorite upper body exercise. I think that it can be a hugely valuable tool in your training toolbox provided that you are ready and able to do them correctly.⠀⠀In this video I discuss screening your clients overhead range of motion to ensure they are ready to press overhead and… READ MORE

How To Do The Dumbbell Snatch

The dumbbell snatch is an alternative power exercise that we often use when we are unable to perform hang cleans, swings or jumps.⠀⠀This exercise is a great option when you don’t have access to a barbell or kettlebell or if you athlete is limited by a back or wrist injury that limits them from hang… READ MORE

Improving Leg Separation

Feel like you have “tight hamstrings?”⠀⠀Most people feel like they have tight hammies when in reality they have a pelvic stability issue that eccentrically loads the hamstrings. In this tutorial we show you how to open up your hips and improve pelvic stability.⠀⠀Here is a quick break down:⠀⠀* 90/90 Breathingto…* 90/90 Hip Stretchto…* Posterior Hip… READ MORE