MAM Podcast S01E07 Risk vs Reward and a Review of the 2022 Winter Seminar



Show Notes

Today’s Discussion Points: 

  1. Risk v Reward and Durability Thread from StrengthCoach.comIs strength training for performance the same as strength training for durability? Is it possible to be more durable but less explosive, or does higher strength/power in most situations translate to reduced injury risk? And on the flip side – is it possible to actually gain performance, but increase risk of injury?  What might be an example of that?
    • The Risk vs. Reward Whiteboard Photo
    • Survivorship bias
    • Goldilocks training – Certified Functional Strength Coach
    • Only 20% of people need “specialized” training. Most of us (80%) need the same thing.
    • “Most people you are going to train are a really good Toyota Camry” – Pat Davidson. Fixing the car = Rehab. A Ferrari is the 20% that need the specialized aggressive stuff
    • This Risk vs Reward graph is also context dependent… Sometimes machine based training is HIGH reward depending on that individual’s goals and where they’re starting from.
    • Grandma doesn’t need to deadlift 225. We don’t do Straight Bar or Trap Bar Deadlift with adults. We don’t do Hops or Olympics lifts or run timed sprints.
    • If your client can’t work, they can’t get paid, and you can’t get paid.
    • If they keep score, there are playoffs, your heart rate hits its anaerobic threshold during the event, and your paycheck or scholarship depends on your training, then you fall into the sport performance bucket. Everyone else is gen pop. Simply, if you can have beer in your hand and play it, it’s not a sport. 
  1. Recurring Theme from the Winter Seminar: “Meet the client where they’re at”
    • “Begin with the end in mind” – Steven Covey
    • “I want to get back to doing….” It’s not about what you want.
    • The winter seminar will be available on this week to view

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