Online Coaching

No matter your fitness goals or level of experience we can design a structured program to help you reach these goals. Our online exercise and nutritional consulting program can give you the outside expert advice that you need to take your training to the next level, without the high costs of a personal trainer. We… READ MORE

Certified Functional Strength Coach

Upcoming Certification Dates: Chicago – Sat. May 16th @ Park Center Health & Fitness San Francisco – June 7th @ Crunch Fitness NYC – Sat. June 20th @ 495 Drive Chicago – Thu. June 25th @ Before the Perform Better Summit Rhode Island – Thu. July 16th @ Before the Perform Better Summit Long Beach – Thu. Aug 5th @ Before… READ MORE

2 Day Mobile Mentorships

Can’t afford to take precious time away from your business or family to attend the MBSC mentorship or another weekend certification that would help you become a better coach and trainer? Can’t afford to send your entire staff to a week long mentorship or seminar? Well with MBSC’s new Mobile Mentorship we will come to… READ MORE

Host a Mentorship

There has been an overwhelming amount of interest for facilities to host a MBSC Mentorship. Most people cannot afford to take precious time away from their businesses or family’s to travel across the country and attend a MBSC mentorship here in Boston. So we want to bring the mentorship to you! As the host of… READ MORE


SPORTS PERFORMANCE COACH INTERNSHIP An internship at MBSC will dramatically improve your skills as a coach. Summer, first semester and second semester internships allow hands- on coaching with up to 300 athletes per day. Our internship is a real life, learn- by- doing experience. During your internship, you will coach middle school, high school, and… READ MORE

BodyByBoyle Online

The fitness world changes continuously so you need to always be learning the latest strategies and techniques to produce the best results. Now you can have access to everything that has made Mike Boyle so successful, on demand, right in front of you. And by everything, we mean EVERYTHING. From the programs we use at Mike… READ MORE