MAM Podcast S01E08 Is the Turkish Get Up (TGU) really overrated? Well, yes and no. A better question is “overrated for who?”



Show Notes

Today’s Discussion Points: 

1. Turkish Get-Ups

  • Men’s Health Post
  • Kettlebell Community Response *see comment section*
  • What do we think of TGUs – Pros, Cons, Application w/ different populations ( Gen Pop, Athletes, Groups, 1 vs 1) 
  • TGUs – Develop a lot of general qualities to a low/medium degree but none to a high degree. This makes it a great warm up drill.
  • The Sit-Rise test
  • Dan John: Get up and down circuits
  • Break down the get up into its smallest parts and train it that way
  • Why are we so emotionally attached to exercises? (KB people)
  • Also, why do we need to make clickbait posts (Men’s health)

2. “Do you do warm-up sets and if so how do you program?”

  • Yes, but not a ton, because we warm up 20-25 minutes before we step foot in the weight room
  • We only really do 1-2 work sets “money” or “growth” sets
  • Picking Set 3 – Use the second to last set to decide what the final set should be 
  • Bill Starr 5×5
  • Create a relationship and ask for a RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion) for their heavier set

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