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Training Essentials For Distance Runners

            Distance running traditionalists have long resisted the idea that strength training can be beneficial to improving running performance. Fears that lifting weights will make runners” bulky” or “stiff” leading to decrements in performance or increased injury risk have never been substantiated. Meanwhile, recreational runners are injured at a rate of 50% per year and with nearly 70% re-injury… READ MORE

7 Ways To Improve Your At-Home Training Experience

As we head into our ninth month of COVID-19 related lockdowns and restrictions we‘ve all been undoubtedly forced to adjust our daily health and training routines. Whether that means we’re training at a distance, outside, online or not at all we’ve all had to adjust to a “New Normal” when it comes to health and… READ MORE

Changing Perceptions About The “Fitness Professional”

Marco Sanchez recently posted a video on his Instagram asking:  “What can we do to change the negative perception that the public has about Fitness Professionals?”  He was drawing attention to the fact that many people do not look at personal training or strength and conditioning as a “real profession” and that they look at… READ MORE

So You Can Coach, But Can You Present?

by Jenny Dziubla It is now a widely accepted practice to incorporate breath training into exercise. This hasn’t always been the case. For a long time, we assumed that our ability to breathe without conscious awareness meant we were doing it effectively. But as this Movement As Medicine article states; Unfortunately, lack of consciousness for… READ MORE

Short On Time? Don’t Short Your Training.

Written by: Jenny Dizubla You planned for the 6 pm workout class but your final meeting of the day ran late. You wanted to get up early for that morning sweat sesh but your kid was up in the middle of the night crying. You intended to workout while ‘on the road’ but you’re feeling… READ MORE

Senescent Cells, Inflammation, Obesity and Disease

Obesity, chronic inflammation and modern disease have all been unambiguously linked together.  People who are obese have elevated markers of inflammation and suffer from increased rates of diabetes, heart disease, dementia and cancer. Recent research has pointed towards excessive cellular senescence cells as being at least a partial culprit for the increase in inflammation, DNA… READ MORE

Overhead Pulling With Adult Groups?

My good friend Sean D and I recently discussed the efficacy of programming loaded chin-ups with our adult MBSC Thrive adult groups. I enjoyed the conversation so I figured this would be a good topic to expand on in a post. FYI: If you don’t know Sean, he is an awesome guy AND he is the… READ MORE

Coaching And Progressing The Squat

“Squats can do more for total mass and body strength than probably all other lifts combined. Doing them wrong can do more damage than probably all the other moves, too. The goblet squat fixes all.” –  Dan John


Prescribing A Walk In The Woods

Humans are designed to move. Specifically, we’re designed to move throughout nature. Not long ago our well-being was entirely dependent on our ability to navigate our natural environment. We evolved to walk, run, swim, crawl and climb throughout the wilderness as a means of survival. All of these actions enabled us to hunt, gather, build… READ MORE

Simple Coaching: Using Kinesthetic Cues

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci In my experience working with thousands of coaches all around the world I’ve found that the great ones seem to be able to do more with less. Less words. Less equipment. Less exercises.


10 Years In: An Open Letter To A Young Coach

Dear Young (Strength Coach/Personal Trainer), Just the other day, while prepping to speak with students at the ACSM Annual Meeting in Boston I came to the realization that I am standing at a professional milestone. This is my 10th year working in the fitness industry. I’ve officially “done a dime” in this field. Bare with me as I quickly recount my… READ MORE