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Solid Simple Strength Training

Nothing to see here people. Just consistent, well executed strength training. Good Training isn’t sexy. Do you want to get stronger? Do you want to look strong? Consistently put in effort, day in and day out.


Is Your Grip Strength More Important Than Your Blood Pressure?

“Stronger People Are Harder To Kill and More Useful In General.” – Mark Rippetoe A number of studies have come out recently showing that grip strength is a dependable predictor of overall health and wellness. This is likely no surprise to long-time advocates of the iron but it signifies a big step in the right direction for the traditional medical community.


Kevin Carr on The European Fitness Network Podcast

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of talking with my good friend Dave Hare of the European Fitness Network. We covered a bunch of topics during the hour including… How I ended up coaching at MBSC. The Fundamentals of Strength and Conditioning. Incorporating corrective exercise into a group setting. Learning and executing PRI Principles at MBSC.


Three Reasons Our Athletes Are So Healthy

During a recent mentorship at MBSC one of the attendees asked me… “What is the number one reason your athletes are so healthy?” His question got me thinking and naturally I wasn’t able to give him a single answer so I gave him three. I believe the “The Big Three” injury prevention moneymakers in our… READ MORE

Bridging The Gap From Bilateral To Single Leg Deadlifting

The title for this article should really be.. “Awesome Single Leg Deadlift Progressions I Stole From Other Coaches.” While hanging out at Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC and with the crew at STRIVE United Therapies in Winnipeg I was able to pick up some cool progressions to bridge the gap from bilateral deadlifting to single leg deadlifting.… READ MORE

Coaching Character

“One of the great myths in America is that sports build character. They can and should. Indeed, sports may be the perfect venue in which to build character. But sports don’t build character unless the coach has it and intentionally teaches it” – Joe Ehrmann “Are you our Mentor this session?”….. The bright-eyed, thinly built… READ MORE

Progressing The Push-Up

Without a doubt the push-up is the most widely performed and well known exercise in the world.  Everywhere from jailyards to gym classes people are banging out push-ups and in all likelihood it was the first exercise you ever did. Even before you were training with the intent of getting big and strong you were doing them and you didn’t… READ MORE

Do We Need Another Certification?

The short answer is no. We don’t need another multiple choice test, we don’t need a weekend course on how to use the newest training tool and we don’t need to prove our merit as a coach by performing in a fitness challenge.