You Can’t Do That Exercise In A Group Setting!

“You Can’t Do That Exercise In A Group Setting”

That’s the line I hear from other coaches all the time.

It’s a cop out.

I understand that logistics are logistics. You have to do the best you can with what you have. Quite often simple choices win. However, it drives me crazy when I hear coaches swear off valuable exercises just because they do not have the skill set or are simply too lazy to coach hard enough. “I like deadlifts and swings but they’re not realistic with groups” “TGUs are a hugely valuable drill but their way too complicated if you’re coaching more than one person.” I heard both of these statements last week and it blew my mind. We literally do these things daily at @bodybyboyle.

Demand more from yourself as a coach. Deliver more to your clients. Challenge what is “do able” in a group environment. Be a coach, create a system and find a way to execute what is necessary not just what is easy. – @kev_in_carr