When they go fast, we go slow?

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When they go fast, we go slow?

While laying over in Barcelona between @certifiedfsc events I was searching for a place to workout and stumbled upon this sweet graffiti covered futsal court. Seeing as I possess zero foot skills I chose to get my sweat on with a bodyweight routine rather than participate in any games with the locals.
When it comes to bodyweight based workouts the tendency for many people is to speed things up and increase the volume in an effort to drive an elevated heart rate response. And while this may feel difficult and result in sweatiness and fatigue I would like to make the case for slow tempo focused body weight training.

Eccentric and Isometric focused tempo training continues to be the most under appreciated technique in all of the fitness industry. I cannot think of another approach that has a lower risk and higher reward than the use of eccentrics and isos. I find these to be helpful tools during…
🔹Early-stage tissue remodeling
🔹Return from injury
🔹Alternative loading for older/injured clients
🔹Motor control education for beginners.
In this particular circuit I utilized full body irradiation to create internal resistance throughout the eccentric and iso portions of the movement. This means I contracted as intensely as possible throughout my entire body while going slow through the movement. Hands, shoulders, abs, hips, feet, everything… High-tension strategies such as this are a great way to train the nervous system when you do not have access to external resistance or want to de-load the body. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
In my case, I had no weights to use and I was looking to do something restorative. After teaching 9 courses in 3 weeks my lower body was sore. Although this circuit was difficult I found that my joints actually felt much better after as a result of the slow, intentional movement. So good in fact that I even squeezed some shuttles in at the end. I would recommend keeping the sets short (3-6) reps as it is very hard to maintain real full-body tension much longer than that.
6 Rounds:
    Squat x 6
    Push-Up x 6
    Pull-Up x 3
    Split Squat x 6 each

    Shuttle Run: 6 x(80-90yds each?)