What are your BIG 3?

The more time I spend outside of the gym training for jiujitsu the less time energy I have to train in the weight room.

Most days I’m either too gassed or limited on time to spend 2 hours lifting.
Picking up a competitive sport again has gotten me better at relating to my athletes.

Most of the time, in-season athletes are already overtrained from practices and games.
Even out of season athletes now are spending more and more time getting crushed at camps.

What do we do in cases like this?
👉🏻We pick a few main movements and train them hard.

Here are MY BIG 3:

1️⃣Turkish Getup:
👉🏻 Not only is the TGU extremely relatable to my sport but it is also great for shoulder health.
👉🏻 The Get-Up challenges both the stability of the top and bottom shoulder.
👉🏻The bell remains vertical while your body adjusts to keep your arm in a safe position. As movement of the lower body occurs -the loaded arm is challenged into different degrees of shoulder flexion.
👉🏻The movement includes: A roll, a hinge, a lunge, complete body control and concentration.

2️⃣Trap Bar Loaded Carry for time:
👉🏻One of many ways to carry load
👉🏻I like loaded carries because they light up my central nervous system, increase my heart rate and improve strength. One of my favorite “core” exercises.
👉🏻Require full body tension with movement.
👉🏻I love programming the bodyweight carry for time because it challenges me and tests my grit.
👉🏻How long can you hold on before you give up?

3️⃣Heavy Sled Push:
👉🏻There is no lower body movement pattern in the gym that you can load heavier than a sled push. Period.
👉🏻Not only do I love how heavy I can load a sled but the benefits of sleds are endless.
👉🏻Sleds give the opportunity to increase lower body strength and speed without spinal compression.