Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

Just because you grow up, get a job and start a family doesn’t mean you should stop training like an athlete!

Being an athlete is a mindset not a phase in life. Even if you can’t do it like the old days you should always keep pushing to stay active and compete, either against yourself or others.

Kevin and Matt have jobs and families that keep them busy 24/7, 365 but they don’t let that keep them from training and competing year round. Whether it’s cycling, tri-athalon, skiing or soccer these guys don’t slow down with age.

As athletes age it doesn’t mean you have to subtract intensity you simply have to make some smarter choices.
     • Make mobility a priority 7 days/week .
     • Monitor recovery in between sessions and competitions. “How’d you feel after last session?”
     • Increase priority on lifestyle habits (sleep, hydration, diet, stress management)
     • Choose exercises that decrease overall loading. (Single Leg vs Bilateral, Trap Bar vs Straight Bar) and limit plyos and impact during competition time.

Honestly these a really just great guidelines for ANY ATHLETE AT ANY AGE!

It’s a pleasure training guys like this who can give athletes half their age a run for their money. Crossing my fingers I can look like them in 15 years.