Training While On The Road

Training While On The Road

# “It’s not about perfect. It’s about just doing something.” #

I’ve been traveling for 10 days and my “training” has been scarce, at least if you think about it in the traditional sense. 5×5 Deadlift and Bench have been traded in almost completely for active mobility drills and bodyweight circuits. Despite the fact that I’m in gyms teaching exercise my schedule has been a bit nuts making a proper training session hard to come by. Also, I have consumed a lot of beer.

That doesn’t mean all is lost though. When it comes to training it’s not about being perfect it’s about just doing something everyday to better yourself and that applies to everyday training not just when traveling.

I’ve done a lot of PAILS/RAILS and CARS for my whole body as well as 10 x 10 bodyweight circuits. I must say though I was pretty relieved to get a full workout in today. I hit The Moving Studio in Florence where we are holding our CFSC course this Saturday and “greased the groove” a bit on some of my old favorites and got a little sweaty. Nothing crazy, it was all pretty light but it felt great to lift some weights.

Here what went down:

# – A whole bunch of mobility training focusing on (Full body but focused on Ankles, T-Spine and Hips)

# – Warm up of crawling progressions, CARS using Indian clubs and some goat bag work.

# – KB Snatch/Windmill/Bodysaws

# – Skater Squats/OH Press/Pull-Ups (In The video)

# – KB Swing: 15 reps on the minute x 10 min

Do you struggle with traveling on the road? Do you have an awesome tip for workout travel?

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