There is a POOR Relationship Between Structural Abnormalities and Symptoms

There is a POOR relationship between structural abnormalities and symptoms:

– People walk around with structural abnormalities their entire life and never experience symptoms of pain. While others get various imaging tests done (Ex. MRI’s) that are read as “normal” – yet they show extreme symptoms of pain.
– For over a year I was the classic example of a pain sufferer. I identified myself with my pain. I obsessed over my shitty scoliosis spine and for a while I saw movement as a threat. I feared getting worse and I feared never feeling normal again.
– My fear fed back into my pain cycle


1️⃣ If pain is present – treat the pain (Ex. manual work).
2️⃣ Train the non-painful by introducing safe low threshold non-painful movements.
3️⃣ Gain mental and physical confidence in those movements.
4️⃣ Introduce progressive and higher threshold movements.

Not one person has the right answer. We are all different and react differently to pain and treatment. Find a team that cares and is knowledgeable (physical therapist, massage therapist, strength coach, etc.)