The Medicine Ball Shotput with Step: Phase 2

Phase 2: Medicine Ball Shotput with Step: In Phase 1 we focused on the Static Shotput drill so our athlete could learn weight transfer and scapula control. Once the athlete can demonstrate the coordination we wish to see in a static setting we can progress them to a more dynamic version of the drill. In the Phase 2 progression we really want to begin emphasizing the aggressive wind-up and follow through. Many athletes are not aggressive enough during power drills like throws and jumps and will require some repetition to get that “pop” we wish to see. On the wind-up the athlete should “coil up”, loading all of their weight onto their rear leg. On the follow through I cue athletes to “throw a punch at the wall”. I don’t like to advocate for violence but throwing a medicine ball should be a violent act. Watch during the drive phase that they get maximum extension through the rear leg. Cue the athlete to plant the front foot with their toes facing towards the target. They should follow through with the rear leg so that their hips finish squared up with the wall. This should look similar to a Pitcher’s follow through. At @bodybyboyle we have targets drawn on the medicine ball wall at chest height. I like to have our athletes aim for the target so that they have a focused task while executing the motor pattern. As weeks pass I will progressively move the athlete further from the wall. This requires the athlete to throw the ball harder if they wish to hit the same target. After 3-5 weeks I will often progress the athlete to Phase 3. Tune in tomorrow to see our Phase 3 progression, Crossover Shotput. -@kev_in_carr @movementasmedicine @collectmomentsnotthingz @sanchise387 @scottyg003 @bodybyboyle

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