The Landmine Press


The landmine press is easily one of my favorite upper body exercises. Not only does it build overhead strength. But, it is one of the best alternatives for an overhead movement for people with a history of bad shoulder health or overhead athletes (ex. baseball players). Make no mistake, this is a movement everyone should master. As we all must practice lifting and pressing things overhead. Since we do it daily every time we put dishes away or store boxes on to higher shelves.


*Whichever knee is down, that arm presses overhead

*Knee stacked under the hip (back leg)

*Ankle stacked under the knee (front leg)

*Dig your back toes into the ground *Lock your rib cage down towards your belly-button

*Leave about a 30 degree gap between your elbow and your ribs

*Drive your elbow forward

*Lean into the bar slightly at the top

***If it hurts, don’t do it.