The Dunphy Squat (PVC Assisted Tension Squat)

The Dunphy Squat (PVC Assisted Tension Squat)

Movement As Medicine resident Ninja @scottyg003 demos one of his favorite exercises from his upcoming movement program we’ll be releasing on

The Dunphy squat, popularized by @stickmobility is a valuable tool that we use at Movement As Medicine to help pattern the squat.

This drill combines deep hip, knee and ankle flexion with activation of the deep stabilizers of the trunk, hip and the thick fascia of the lower extremities, specifically the plantar fascia.

Hold the dowel near the bottom and drive straight up into a secure corner of a room or door frame. The isometric tension from the stick will help facilitate tension in the abdomen, lats, hips and feet. Breath out and keep your arms straight as you lower into the squat. Drive your knees over you pinky toes and hold briefly in the bottom of the squat maintaining constant pressure into the dowel. Focus on pushing yourself down into the squat while keeping tension and breathing throughout the movement.

This drill works well when paired sequentially after prayer breathing and hip rocking and preceding goblet squatting to reintroduce the squat pattern.