The Basics, Training Outside and Autonomy Of Training

The Basics, Training Outside and Autonomy Of Training.

“TGUs, Squats and Push Ups these are a few of Autumn’s favorite things…”

@autumnal_fire has been training with myself and @cote.tyler from the @thetrainingroomboston for a few years now. I’m truly impressed with her dedication to becoming brilliant at the basics. Moving beyond her injury history, she’s taken control of her health by hammering away at the fundamentals day in and day out. Fast forward a few years and she’s crushing double bell squats, doing get ups with an 18 kg and legit putting her nose to the grindstone on these push ups. As a coach, I feel proud that she has a strong grasp on HOW TO TRAIN with or without guidance from a coach.

For bonus points we try to train outside whenever possible. Data suggests that Vitamin D deficiency exists in up to 50% of the general population with even higher percentages occurring in populations living at higher latitudes. Vitamin D deficiency has been shown to increase risk for heart disease, various cancers, diabetes and numerous other disorders. 20 minutes in direct sunlight can provide up to 20,000 IU of Vitamin D. For that reason we take the bells out side to train whenever possible. 🌞💪🏽