The Alternating “Swimmer”

The Alternating “Swimmer” is a progression from the 1-Arm “Swimmer”

– This is WAY harder than it looks.
– Your starting position may look different than mine.
– You may not have as much range of motion OR you may have more
– The goal here is to move as slow as possible
– You may find some sticky points (work through them as long as there’s no pain)
– Concentrate on the movement of your scapula on your rib cage
– Like anything, your body will get better at this movement pattern as you practice it

💡Fitness professionals: Not only do I love using this mobility drill for its benefit. But, also because it works great as an Assessment tool for large group settings.

➡️ Looks pretty identical to the FMS and SMFA standing Upper Extremity movement patterns.

     🔦 Make your group do these and pay attention to what their movement patterns are telling you.
     🔦 Do they have adequate Internal and External Rotation?
    🔦 Do both sides look relatively similar or are there huge differences unilaterally?
    🔦 Are they ready to press and pull? Or do they have work to do before they can graduate to certain exercises?

➡️ Be creative. Assessment begins from the moment a client walks into the room. Pay attention.