Stationary In-Home Active Warm-Up

I figured it would be good to share a stationary active warm-up that you can do in a small space inside your home. Often one of the first things to get cut out in the home workout is the warm-up. When the setting is less than ideal and motivation is low its really easy to simply skip over the stuff we don’t like to do but staying consistent with a quality warm-up will insure that your joints stay healthy even when self-isolation has your overall movement at a minimum.
Here is an outline of the video above:
🔹Toe Touch Squat: 5-10 reps
🔹Split Squat: 5-10 reps each
🔹Lateral Squat: 5-10 reps each
🔹Hip Hinge: 5-10 reps
🔹Single Leg Deadlift: 5-10 reps each
🔹Push-Up: 5-10 reps
🔹Downward Dog: 5-10 reps
🔹A-Skip: :10-:30 sec
🔹High Knee Run: :10-:30 sec
Give this a try for 1-2 rounds and let us know how you feel! We think your body will thank you!