Solid Simple Strength Training

Nothing to see here people. Just consistent, well executed strength training.

Good Training isn’t sexy.

Do you want to get stronger? Do you want to look strong?

Consistently put in effort, day in and day out.

I’m way more impressed watching someone consistently crush it at 80-90% for 6 weeks than I am watching the latest exercise of the day or oversized box jump from your favorite #Fitspo IG star or NFL Pro Bowler.

Strength training is simple but not easy. Repeated quality efforts over the long haul are what make the magic.

Badass athletes like @meandyouplusthree (dude she has 3 kids!) who are dedicated to getting better are the ones who make our job a dream. She’ll be losing that little chin-up band in no time.

#MovementAsMedicine – @kev_in_carr