Skater Squat Progressions

Skater Squat Progressions The skater squat or “air lunge” is a great exercise to develop multi-planar control at the hip, knee and ankle. As a hybrid of the single leg deadlift and single leg squat this exercise can also be added to provide some simple variation into your clients program. Clockwise from top left: 1). Assisted Skater Squat: The TRX/Ring assisted variation can be used to introduce the pattern to a new client who may struggle with balance or eccentric control. Be sure not to hang off the handles, using only as much assistance as you need to control the pattern. 2). Skater Squat to Pad with Counter Reach: Most clients are able to start with this progression lowering down to 1 or 2 Airex pads on the floor. Coach them to control the eccentric portion and do not let them bounce off the pad with their knee. Progressively remove the pads as the client gains more control. 3). Skater Squat to a Deficit with Counter Reach: One the client can easily perform the exercise to the floor you can increase the range of motion by elevating them onto a small box. I prefer to stand on a 5 inch box and lower the knee down to 1 Airex pad. 4). Goblet Skater Squat to Deficit: Removing the counter reach and repositioning the load to a goblet position challenges the client to maintain thoracic extension and control the eccentric phase of the lift with their hips. Continue to challenge the athlete by adding load with either a larger dumbbell or weighted vests. What other progressions would you like us to share?! Let us know in the comments below! Also, props to @justinbieber for lacing me with the soundtrack…. – @kev_in_carr @movementasmedicine @collectmomentsnotthingz @sanchise387 @scottyg003

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