Single Leg Exercise and One Leg Balance

Single Leg Exercise and One Leg Balance

In doing research for my presentation “Movement As Medicine” I thought I would come across research that confirmed what I had witnessed empirically, that strength training would improve postural control (specifically single leg balance) in trainees. However, much to my dismay when I came upon the article titled “Effect of Intense Strength Training on Standing Balance, Walking Speed, and Sit-To-Stand Performance in Older Adults” I was disappointed in the results.

The study stated “Intense strength training appears to increase maximal walking speed but may not improve sit-to-stand ability or standing balance in active, community dwelling older adults.”

“How could that be?”, I thought. I’ve seen my clients drastically improve their posture control by developing strength on drills like single leg squats, split squats and single leg deadlifts. But reading deeper I found the answer…

What had the researchers prescribed for their strength training drills?

Leg Press, Leg Extension and Seated Calf Raise….🙄🙈

Well obviously they didn’t get better! I’m surprised they didn’t get significantly worse. How can you get better at standing by sitting?!

I’d be willing to bet if they did this study again with real functional single training they would see significant improvement like we do at MBSC.

In the video below you can checkout my client Jim crushing some single leg squats at 72 years old. Falling accidents are one of the major causes for death in adults over 65. You better believe Big Jim is well equipped to maintain his balance and stay standing tall for a long time to come.