Single Leg Deadlift Flaws and Fixes

One of the biggest flaws I see while watching people perform SLDL’s is the inability to control the hips from externally rotating.

A sagittal plane movement often butchered and turned into a transverse movement pattern.

When hip external rotation is overly exaggerated – the spine often follows into the rotation pattern.

Not ideal and actually dangerous when adding load.

Here are a few variations I’ve been using as prerequisites. .

📌 SLDL w/Mobility Stick Drive:
** Something I’ve been playing around with with many of my older and younger clients that lack the neural control to complete the movement pattern**
💭The idea behind the mobility stick drive is to activate the lateral line
💭Engaging the weight of the foot to be distributed on the lateral aspect of the foot (on the bottom leg)
💭The drive into the stick also engages the core musculature which helps prevent rotation of the lumbar spine.

📌2-Cone Reach SLDL:
💭Same idea as the stick mobility SLDL but without any feedback loops
💭The reach across the body helps encourage proper control over the hips

📌SLDL w/Load:
💭When a bodyweight SLDL is mastered without compromising hip and spinal position… we can finally add load to the equation

Those are a few of many progressions and lateralization that can be used to break down the SLDL.