Simple Wins


3 Exercises. 45 minutes. As many rounds as round as possible.

Sometimes it’s good to have a standard check in workout after a bunch of travel or a lay off from consistent programming. I’ll often pick a few exercises I really enjoy that also give me a good appraisal of my strength and movement quality and just practice them in a density circuit for 30-45 min. Starting with mentally favorable exercises helps you get back on track easily and choosing full body movements that can test a variety of qualities can do a good job of letting you know “where you’re at.”

I grabbed a 40 kg and two 24 kgs bells and did the following for 45 min.

    – Hand to Hand Swing: 10 each hand x 40kg
    – Helps me feel my hinge pattern, check where my grip strength is at and provides a good mental check as they take some grit to get through.
    – Double KB Squat to Strict Press: 5 reps with double 24 kg • Lets me check in with my squat as well as my upper body and core strength.
    – Turkish Get Up: 1 each side x 40 kg
    – Feel overall CNS readiness (I notice my ability to do a heavy TGU change drastically when I’m tired vs when I’m fresh) as well as full body motor control/mobility.

Our goal with Movement As Medicine is to spread quality, practical health information to as many people as we can. Good training typically won’t be sexy and exciting. And what is “cool” on social media doesn’t necessarily constitute a safe or intelligent training choice. Just know that on our page you won’t find videos of us doing upside down sit ups while being punched in the “abz” by a workout partner, box jumping with a loaded barbell or doing backflips with dumbbells in our hands and we definitely won’t be promoting fit tummy tea or waist trainers. Trust that everything we post and promote is because we believe in it wholeheartedly and have used it in practice as real working health professionals.