Shoulder Girdle Movement Therapy

Shoulder Girdle Movement Therapy:

Shoulder CARS:
     – The glenohumeral joint (shoulder) is a ball-and-socket joint responsible for bringing your arm into a wide range of ranges
     – Shoulder CARS, invented/popularized by @drandreospina are a great exercise to challenge the ranges of the shoulder joint
     – I prefer doing shoulder CARS in the half-kneeling position while driving a foam roller into the wall
     – The half-kneeling position helps me isolate and concentrate on the movement of my shoulder and keeps me honest from cheating ranges by rotation of the torso
     – The foam roll drive into the wall with the stationary arm also recruits the stabilizers of my scapula – giving me an even more bang for my buck
     – Squeezing the tennis ball in the moving arms wakes up the stabilizers

Prone Unilateral Superman:
     – The scapulothoracic joint plays a vital role in the stabilization and movement of the arm
     – With the unilateral supermans I challenge the range of the scapula to move from external rotation to the internally rotated finish and control the movement back into the starting position
    – I also demand my shoulder joint to actively control flexion and extension, which are both movements that the general population struggles with because of our sedentary lifestyles
     🤷‍♀️Movement specialist: does this exercise look familiar?
     👉🏻 FMS & SFMA patterning

3-Point Scapular Protraction/Retraction:
     – A healthy scapula should not only be able to stabilize but also should successfully be capable of gliding towards and away from the rib cage in the sagittal plane
     – In the 3-Point position I am forced to stabilize the scapula of the stationary arm AND also actively protract and retract the scapula of the moving arm
     – This is also a great core stability exercise

🗝 The key here is to MOVE AS SLOW AS POSSIBLE
🗝 Change takes TIME so program fewer reps and slower tempo
🗝 Give these a shot and let me know what you think