Shin Angles

Great demo’s here by Stength Coach @nikaouellett

Here’s what she had to say about shin angles and how we apply them at Mike Boyles Strength and Conditioning…

  • Proper shin angles are pertinent to acceleration development in athletes.
  • At @bodybyboyle examples of slightly acute shin angles can be seen in everything we do, from warmups to unilateral lifts, to speed development to conditioning.
  • We use the cue of “pushing” the ground away versus stomping. Creating force versus absorbing it.
  • Newton’s second law states that acceleration is proportional to the force acting upon the center of mass.
  • We want athletes to be pushing the ground away, instead of reaching for it. The slightly acute shin angle accomplishes this nicely, producing force.
  • As @michael_boyle1959 said, it’s all about the first push, not the frequency of steps.