Treatment Services

At Movement As Medicine we have multiple therapy options depending on your specific treatment goals. Read below to find the right therapy option for you.

Orthopedic Massage and Movement Therapy

Orthopedic Massage and Movement Therapy is intended for clients looking to resolve a specific issue including but not limited to chronic pain/discomfort, injury, postural dysfunction and immobility.

Our Movement Therapy sessions often resemble physical therapy more than traditional massage therapy. Every session begins with a comprehensive assessment followed by hands-on treatment as well as corrective exercise and movement re-education. We incorporate exercise and movement training into our treatments because we believe in not only resolving your pain but also re-patterning your body to move correctly to prevent future dysfunction.

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Traditional Full-Body Relaxation Massage

Our Full-Body Relaxation treatments are a great treatment option for clients who are looking to reduce overall tension, decrease stress as well as recover from or prepare for a competition.

Our full-body treatment is what most people would picture as a typical massage therapy session. Each session begins with a short assessment to determine focus areas that help us tailor the treatment to your needs. We provide a quiet relaxing atmosphere to accompany a full-body massage that incorporates traditional Swedish techniques as well as Myofascial release and stretching.

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Personal Training

Your first training session will begin with a goals assessment and a Functional Movement Screen. This ensures we place you with the correct trainer and design you an exercise program specific to your needs and abilities. We use a system of regressions & progressions that allow us to train anyone, anywhere, at any time. No matter where you are at in your training or rehab process we can help you.

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