Rule Number 1: DO NO HARM

Rule number 1 of the coach is DO NO HARM.

Improve performance is secondary. This is why we don’t have our adults client practice Olympic lifting. Most of them lack the prerequisites to practice Olympic lifting, so we stick to safer alternatives such as the KB swing. It is a great, safe, effective way for adults to practice some explosive power. In order to reduce risk of injury we also do not back squat our athletes. We have tremendous success teaching people how to get strong on one leg. We get lots of criticism from armchair experts who think we don’t know how to Olympic lift, or we’re pussies for not back squatting. The fact of the matter is, year after year we produce amazing athletes, powerful, fast and durable. Do we hang clean different than you? Probably. Do we hang clean different than the best Olympic lifters in the world? Absolutely. We are in the business of building athletes, not professional Olympic lifters. Do we value a good bilateral squat? Absolutely. Do we think back squatting is the most effective way to prepare an athlete? Nope. Anyways, most of these kids can squat more on one leg than most people can on two.

Any critics are more than welcome to spend a day with us. Spend a whole week if you want.