Rotary Stability Correctives

Stability WOD: Part 3 of 7 Rotary Stability

Many of the attendees who have taken our @certifiedfsc course have told me that something clicks for them when we explain the thought process behind a leg lower being a single leg deadlift on your back OR how a lying hip flexion drill turns into a sled march. People begin to see the “why” and the “how” come together.

I’ve dubbed this series the “Stability WOD” because I think there are a lot of people on the mobility train that are uncertain of what to do next. How do I integrate the new ranges of motion I’ve gained from X mobility drill into my training so that the brain locks it in and keeps it? If you don’t use it, you lose it.

I don’t believe it’s as easy as stretching & rolling your hip, then squatting or deadlifting 4 wheels. I love those exercises, but I like them to be progressed in a manner that motor learning can occur.

What is a “stability” drill? Motor learning? Patterning? Movement? Corrective? Lifting weights with good form? Yes. Yes. and Yes.

As you can see below there is a logical progression going from the ground to standing to locomotion. For simplicity’s sake, I picked 5 to show you…

Dead Bug w/ a Foam Block – There are lots of versions of the “dead bug”. I like this version because you can worth both an ipsilateral & contra-lateral pattern. A dead bug is a bird dog & crawling on your back.

Quadruped Hip Ext on Elbows – If you want an ass, don’t be an ass & use your low back when doing this exercise or bird dogs. People like to substitute glute function with lumbar extension. This isn’t Jane Fonda, it’s life training. Learn to use your glutes.

Bird Dogs – Are a great way for clients to conceptualize using the opposite hand & foot before moving to crawling. A bird dog is a bear crawl in place.

Bear Crawl – Be a moving table top. Channel your inner “sneaky bear”, it’s not a race to the finish.

Standing Cross Crawl, Marching & Skipping – are a standing dynamic bear crawl. Working the body’s slings moving opposite hand and foot is candy for your brain.