Roadblocks and Unplanned Detours

So much of coaching is about finding solutions to ensure forward progress despite roadblocks and unplanned detours.

Matt is usually bulletproof but we’ve been dealing with some lower leg issues in the last week that we need to train around. For that reason I’ve been searching for some alternative power drills for him where he doesn’t need to leave the ground and add to his foot contacts.

We had been working on bilateral and unilateral loaded jumping variations but I’ve switched in both of these drills to fill the void while still providing a similar stimulus. We’re sacrificing triple extension and keeping the heel grounded but still can develop power through the hip and kinetic chain.

I like using both the Kettlebell Squat to Press and Dynamic 1 Leg Cable Lift as power alternatives that don’t require any impact through the lower leg. These can serve as great temporary substitutes as we are using them or as go-to options for clients who don’t tolerate impact well.