(Re)Conditioning Glenohumeral Stability

360* (Re)Conditioning Glenohumeral Stability

When (re)conditioning the shoulder, if dynamic stability is too stressful, here are a few considerations to get started with.

1- 360* stabilization. Using a light band with just enough force to create an isometric contraction, walk in a circle with the epicenter being a contracted fist around an object. Here we are using a @fatgripz, but tennis ball or other small tools can work.

2- Same drill, using active stabilization with passive rotation. Loop the band over a second time, and toggle internal/external rotation by pulling the band back and forth.

3- Demand more stabilization with quadruped, active 90* rotations. Keep your head up.

4- Most demanding of this sequence would be standing 90* active rotations using a @valslide.

Hope you like these. As always, open to suggestions about what you would like to see.