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Real-Life Laboratory

On Wednesday Jim and I like to experiment.

I train him in a group with two other guys on Monday and Friday and we adhere to a fairly consistent program. Typically on Wednesday Jim is flying solo and we like to capitalize on this opportunity to test new ideas that can keep his training experience fun and exciting.

As a trainee that has been coming to @bodybyboyle for 10+ years he’s been fed a steady diet of the basics for sometime now. Although he’s 73, he’s strong and resilient making him a great test subject for new training ideas. Even more valuable is that he’s been around the block and is a close friend of mine so he’ll give me honest feedback. If he doesn’t like an exercise he’ll tell me straight up what he thinks and why. Honest and reliable client feedback is priceless.

If you are a coach find a neutral party to test your ideas with. Always test yourself first. Be cautious and pick the appropriate subject to work with. Add one variable at a time and interpret your results. Test-Retest-Evaluate. This is real-life research.

I’d estimate that Jim has done well over 40,000 squats during his time at @bodybyboyle so a slight tweak in our approach every now and then can provide both his body and mind some variability. He currently Goblet Squats around 70 lbs for sets of ten but with his history of back pain going heavier isn’t a route I feel comfortable with. So as an alternative today we decided to play with staggered stance squatting with the @ultimatesandbag. –
I really enjoy this variation as an alternative loading progression for clients who are good squatters but are “load sensitive.” It’s a great way to challenge to body with variability while also providing a real-life loading position. Have you ever moved a couch up a flight of stairs?

This is roughly a 40 lb sandbag and according to Jim “It was fucking hard but I liked it.” I’ll check in on how he feels when I see him Friday but so far it sounds like he gave it the stamp of approval.