Prayer Breathing

Prayer Breathing

Movement As Medicine Ninja @scottyg003 is back with one of our favorite breathing/forward flexion exercises.

Prayer breathing in a great introductory segmental flexion drill that we use for clients who struggle to achieve smooth lumbar flexion and need to balance out fascial tension through the superficial and and functional back lines. Many clients who are hyper-inflated will demonstrate an elevated rib cage, anterior tilted pelvis and excessive lumbar lordosis. We’ve found that this drill is a great starting point to begin re-establishing forward flexion from a vertical position following supine breathing.

Form Tips

1). Breathe in the nose at the top and think about filling your belly and ribcage all the way around.

2). Breathe out the mouth for the full duration of the forward flexion period.

3). As you flex forward actively think about pulling your ribs towards your hips as if you’re trying to roll yourself into a ball.

4). Starting with your lumbar spine, unroll your self slowly one vertebrae at a time while beginning to inhale.

5). If you experience discomfort or cannot flex forward all the way to the ground add a yoga block or airex pad just shy of your end range and progressively increase range of motion as you be come comfortable.

This drill is often best when preceded with breathing and mayo fascial work and progressively followed by standing forward flexion and Jefferson curls.