Post-Flight Mobility Circuit 1/3: Spine and Shoulders

Post-Flight Mobility Circuit 1/3: Spine and Shoulders

Travel will wreck your body if you let it. Understand that possessing good movement is a choice. Prioritize your body and you can survive and even thrive no matter how many miles you log in an airplane.

The whole circuit was really long and slow so I had to chop it up and crank it up to 2x speed to fit them all into 1 minute videos. When training for mobility focus on moving slowly with intent while keeping constant tension around the joint and maintaining a steady flow of breath.

The movements in the video are as follows:
1). Quadruped Neck Nods
2). Prone Neck Circles
3). Prone Neck Rotations
4). Downward Dog to Press Up
5). Yoga Table

Not shown: Segmental Cat/Camel (no matter how fast I sped up the video I couldn’t fit it in the clip)

This circuit did a great job of getting that stiff post flight feeling out of my back and neck.