Outdoor KB Workout

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Outdoor KB Workout

We spent last weekend down at my parents house so @mynameisbonquiqui and I opted to bring along a few kettlebells and train outdoors rather than searching for a local gym. I enjoy these simple, outdoor training sessions because they challenge my creativity, take me outside my comfort zone and most of all allow me so score some Vitamin D while also getting in my exercise.

I used to be like many people in that I would get stressed about not having my normal gym environment or being able to stick to my program but nowadays I’m much more focused on the big picture and making sure that I “check the box” everyday. For the sake of long term health and resiliency a few days of variable patterned strength work, a few days of aerobic exercise and daily joint care in any sensible combination will do the trick for most people. At the very minimum I ensure that I hit the World Health Organizations minimum of 20 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily whether that means bodyweight movements, lifting weights, hiking or riding the Airdyne.

Here is what I opted for on Sunday:

A1: KB Snatch: 5 x 5 each
A2: Bear Crawl: 5 x 20 yards

B1: Squat to Press: 5 x 5 each
B2: Push-Up: 5 x 20

C1: Double Snatch Practice: 6 x 5

D1: 100 Yard Tempo Run x 6

This one did the trick and with the warm up and all took me just over an hour. Swipe left to check out the heart rate data I pulled off the MyZone.