Motor Skill Mastery: Creating Variable Pattern Options For Your Clients

Motor Skill Mastery: Creating Variable Pattern Options For Your Clients

Good training is often boring and for real strength training enthusiasts that’s fine. I personally could trap bar deadlift, kettle bell press and single leg squat for the rest of my life and not get bored.

However, for our personal training clients that’s not the case. We live, breathe and sleep training. They do not. With our perpetual clients it’s often a battle of satisfying their need for “enterTRAINment.”

How can we satisfy their need to continue experiencing new and novel things in the gym while not straying from what we believe in as coaches?

What benefits can we get from doing a pattern a bit different than what we’re accustomed to?

Following mastery of fundamentals I think it is important to begin introducing variable patterns to demand motor skill mastery. I think training pattern variability promotes carry over to everyday life. You don’t typically get hurt goblet squatting you get hurt helping your friend move a couch.

Can the body solve this movement task with variable circumstances?

When you’re picking that awkward thing up off the ground will your body say “oh I’ve been here before”

Check out some of the lower body strength and carrying progressions that I utilize following mastery of the fundamentals.

Sandbags, vipers, landmines, kettle bells and slosh balls and pipes are all great options to challenge clients with out necessarily adding more load.

What are some of your favorite strategies to challenge your clients outside the classic exercise selection?