Mindful Walking

“Mindful Walking” is an excellent therapeutic pattern to begin waking up the bodies sensory inputs. Movement amnesia is a prevalent condition in the 21st century whether it be in our gait or in our breathing patterns.

Often, we are so focused on the destination we forget to focus on how we get there. Gait patterns consist of falling forwards then catching ones self just in time to maintain inertia. Having confidence in your ability to walk pain free and with stability gives you a solid foundation to start your basic progressions and build foundational strength.

Focus on slowly increasing the length of your stride while slowing down and transferring weight only after the front foot has made complete contact with the ground.

To progress this movement you can walk on a beam (bottom left) or with the eyes closed (bottom right) to provide an added challenge to your vestibular system.

It’s important you practice this drill without shoes to wake up sensory inputs in the feet. You wouldn’t play the piano with gloves on would you?

@pedestalfootwear hooked up our staff at @bodybyboyle with some socks and we’re loving them. They are comfortable, durable and grippy. No more ratty torn up socks from training without shoes on.