Medial/Lateral Hurdles With a Stick


While walking and running, we are consistently pushing off one-foot and landing with the other. So, why wouldn’t we train specific for sport and life by practicing single leg movements.

Medial/lateral hurdle hops are an awesome lower body power drill that help reduce the likelihood of injury (at the knee and ankle joints) by teaching the body how to create and accept force one leg at a time.

Single-leg force production is absolutely necessary for sport (ex. pushing off one foot while driving in for a lay-up or driving off one leg while throwing).

Also, a great way to practice lower body stability.


Whichever leg is back, that arm is forward (think counterweight)

Slight bend at the knee to start

Drive the hips back and drive through your foot

Snap the hips and opposite arm forward as you push up and over each hurdle

Stick each landing for 1-2 seconds

Make sure when you push off and land that your knee is not caving in toward your midline

If it hurts, don’t do it!***