Lever Bells


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Lever Bells

At @bodybyboyle we’ve really enjoyed playing with these new Lever Bells from @perform_better.

These provide a unique tool to load traditional exercises in multiple planes and provide a challenge to the trainee with a reduced overall load on the system.

For some clients more load isn’t the answer and the Lever Bell can provide a tough global stability challenge without compressive forces on the spine. Additionally, they can serve as a great warm-up tool prior to heavier lifting to prime the athlete to reflexively stabilize.

In the video, my client Kevin warms up for his heavy goblet squats using a 20 lb lever bell. Despite the relatively light load this provides an adequate stability challenge for him as a warm up drill.

I also enjoy using the Lever Bell as a tool for the 1/2 kneeling chop and lift. The long lever arm requires the client to maintain anti-extension control as the bell moves up and back.

You can order these from Perform Better via the link in our bio. This is NOT an affiliate link. I just really enjoy the product. I’ll post more Lever Bell variations as I get to experiment more over the coming weeks.