Kettlebell Bench Press

A few lifts I swapped into my program that cleaned up months of shoulder discomfort!

Turkish Get-Up:

– This is one of my favorite lifts for multiple reasons. The Get-Up challenges both the stability of the top and bottom shoulder.

– The bell remains vertical while your body adjusts to keep your arm in a safe position. As movement of the lower body occurs -the loaded arm is challenged into different degrees of shoulder flexion.

Kettlebell Bench Press:

– Here’s a great bench alternative. With the bell in a racked position – the kettlebell is persistently trying to pull you into external rotation.

– Result: Your rotator cuff has to work overtime to try and resist that excessive external rotation. This fight against forces demands your shoulder joint to stabilize.

Bottoms-Up Press:

– For something that needs to be kept light – this is a very challenging movement.

– The kettlebell being held in the bottoms-up position forces your body to maintain full tension. Forcing you to keep your forearm vertical and your shoulder in a safe position.

– This is my favorite overhead pressing variation – simply because it demands the rotator cuff to do its job – stabilize the humeral head in the glenoid cavity.

– You cannot cheat your way through this movement.

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