Is In-Season Training More Important Now Than Ever?


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Is In-Season Training More Important Now Than Ever?

For high schools kids nowadays everything is pretty much considered “in-season training.” With competition, camps and club teams all year round many youth athletes lack a true offseason away from competition and organized sports practice.

While this was once the time to recuperate, rebuild and physically prepare for the upcoming year now the year never seems to end. While sport coaches, parents and those running the skill camps will insist that this is necessary to keep up with the Joneses the reality is that it leaves many athletes, OVERtrained and UNDERdeveloped. Over emphasis on practice and competition and under emphasis on physical development leaves many young athletes with skills but with no physical competency and resiliency to support them. In the end this approach is shortsighted leaving them open to injury and burnout.

The majority of athletes will lose weight, strength and power over the course of a competitive season due to lack of physical training. At @bodybyboyle we find that the high school kids who take time off to train and continue training year round are not only healthier but are stronger and more physically developed by the time they reach college.

Don’t fall victim to the idea that you need to be on the field or the ice 365 days/year. Develop yourself physically while concurrently developing your skills. Take a dedicated offseason to train and stay committed to training 2x week during your competitive season to continue building on your hard work.

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