Inefficient Exercise

Inefficient Exercise with The Intern Squad

After the holidays many of our clients will be looking to shed some extra pounds. In light of all the beer I’ve consumed in the last month I’m also part of that crowd.

I’m a big fan of Dan John’s approach to improving body composition. He believes there are 2 things we should focus on when it comes to improving body comp.

1). Food Logging/Improving Nutrition

2). Inefficient Exercise

I’ve been focusing on getting back on track with my nutrition in the last week or so and have been adding in some “inefficient exercise” for both myself and my body comp clients.

Here is an example of an “inefficient” circuit using Kettlebells that I did with some clients and our new @bodybyboyle interns on Friday afternoon.

1 Turkish Get Up each side

10 Kettlebell Swing

1 Turkish Get Up each side

10 Goblet Squats

1 Turkish Get Up each side

10 Push-Ups

Repeat for 3-5 rounds

The act of having to return to the ground and perform 1 TGU on each side in between each exercise makes this circuit increasingly challenging metabolically while also allowing us to focus on the movement quality we desire in the Turkish Get Up.

Often trainees will rush to complete these circuits as fast as possible. This is a mistake. Focus on movement quality. The act of alternating between the high rep grinding exercises like swings/squat/push-up and single TGU’s will be enough to get the metabolic effect we desire.

Give this a try and let me know your thoughts! (Bonus points if you have a sweet 90’s hip hop playlist like me) – @kev_in_carr