How to Use a Pentagon Bar


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I love it when we get new toys to play with!

We recently picked up a Pentagon Bar from @aunit_ltd so yesterday I used my workout to experiment with it and see how we can work it into our program at @bodybyboyle.

Jump Squats: Trapbar jumps are an exercise that we’ve worked into our program recently and the Pentagon bar seems like it could be a great alternative option to add external load.

Overhead Pressing: I really enjoyed using the Pentagon bar for angled vertical pressing. We use the landmine frequently as an overhead pressing alternative for our athletes. Using the Pentagon Bar provides us an advanced progression allowing us to focus on bilateral heavy vertical loading.

Single Leg Deadlift: I’ve been pursuing heavy single leg deadlifts over the last year using a traditional U-Bar. Although, I have had a lot of success with the normal U-Bar I’ve found it difficult to balance as I get closer to 300lbs. The Pentagon Bar attachment provides just enough added stability to help me train with heavier loads without losing my balance.

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats: At @bodybyboyle Split Squats are our main knee dominant lower body exercise. As our stronger athletes max out our dumbbells the Pentagon Bar can provide us another option to add load without directly loading the spine with a barbell.

Overall, I really like the @aunit_ltd Pentagon Bar. I think I’ll use it mostly for overhead pressing and single leg exercises but I look forward to playing with it more and seeing where it fits best in my programs.