How Slow Can You Go?

How SLOW can you Hip Circle?
How much TENSION can you create?

Hip C.A.R’s (Controlled Articular Rotations):
     – Term and movement developed by @drandreospina and the FRC systems
     – Also known as “Hip Circles”

Hip C.A.R’s are one of my favorite mobility exercises that I do every day.
     ➡Each rep should be challenging
     ➡Cramping while performing these is normal
     ➡Challenge your end ranges
     ➡Deep breath – challenge end range some more

Why I love Hip Circles:
     ➡They helped me recover from back pain
     ↪By mobilizing my hips
     ↪And helping me understand lumbopelvic disassociation
     ➡They also helped me get rid of months of anterior hip pain

🔊Turn up the volume and pay attention to my breathing!
✔When I hit my “perceived” end range, I take a deep breath and challenge each range further
✔Notice I am moving entirely at my hip joint – NOT at my low back
➖ Something that I could not do before

✏ I am aware I need to work on hip extension but it’s gotten much better!