Foot Self Care

“Problems in the upper body vanish as the feet ‘understand’ them” -Ida Rolf

Don’t neglect your feet!

We trap our feet in shoes all day and forget to give them attention.

Here are some easy self-care exercises you can do on your own:

  • Where I have drawn the X’s are common tender points on the foot. You can use a lacrosse ball, tennis ball or golf ball and just simply apply pressure on or around these areas. And/or you can roll the bottom of your foot out. The triangular area (the arch) on the bottom of your foot often tends to be the most tender.
  • Toe sitting is a great foot stretch popularized to our staff by @movementrev . This stretch can be very intense for some people. Adding a pillow between your hamstrings and your calves will make the stretch less intense.
  • The last part of the video of me pressing my fists into my feet is simply adding proprioception to the bottom and tops of my feet from the pressure applied down and the force applied back up from the ground.

*The harder the ball you are using for rolling, the more intense.