Exercise is Just a Human Invention

“Exercise is just a human invention designed for us to compensate for the fact that we are not living the way we are supposed to” @drandreospina

  • Our bodies are brilliant – they respond to the stresses we force upon them.
  • They also do not respond to the stresses we do not put upon them.
  • “If you don’t use it you lose it.”
  • We no longer live with the pressure of survival independence – we’ve evolved as a society but have devolved in our movement integrity.

Rock Walking:
🔹Imagine how pathetic our hands would be if we wore gloves all the time. Our feet are no different! Walking on rocks is great for foot proprioception. Our feet give feedback to our entire body.

Prayer Breathing:
🔹Unloaded segmental spinal flexion.
🔹A healthy spine can move segmentally.

Bear Crawl:
🔹Great for shoulder and core stability. Our ancestors spent so much time on the ground. Getting ready to attack prey or hiding so that they would not become prey. Aside from hunting – the ground is where we camped fire and built shelter.

Uneven Sandbag Carries:
🔹Loaded carry with an uneven loading position. Because when we transfer objects – they are not/were not always ideal.

Sled Pull/Sled Drag:
🔹Force production through the lower body and stability control of the upper body.

🔹Hanging and climbing from tree to tree.
🔹Grip strength, general (hand-eye) coordination, kinesthetic awareness and visual perception of distance.

Our bodies were made for movement!