Everyday Pattern Practice

Everyday Pattern Practice

If you simply practiced 10 repetitions of Squat, Squat, Lateral Squat, Single Leg Deadlift, Push Up and TGU everyday for the rest of your life how well would you maintain your daily function?

I think you’d do pretty damn well.

Notice I said “practice” not “train.” At minimum I’m referring to competency at bodyweight not capacity more than your body weight. .
In a perfect world everyone would train and develop strength (capacity) in these motor patterns however my plea to all none gym-goers would be to at least strive for minimum effective dose and develop competency. I simply want to see people practice daily full body movement.

Dan John has said “If something is important do it everyday.” I put high value one these movements so I put them in my clients programs everyday and strongly encourage them to practice them daily in addition to doing controlled articular rotations.

Did you know 50% of adults over 65 report that they struggle with “stooping, bending, kneeling and standing for more than 2 hours” and that these functional limitations are negatively associated with progressive strength training 2x week?

I think with daily practice of these movements we’d see much improved long term functionality and independence in our elderly populations. .
Did you move all your joints today?

What are your go-to movements that you would practice daily?